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In Which I Am Good at Background Selectivity

Last Christmas, I got a yarn swift and ball winder. It ended like this:

Hi grumpy Dan.

Granted, it’s very possible that I didn’t watch the video on Knit Pick’s site before I started, and it’s also possible that this yarn is just too heavy for the swift (Malabrigo Rios in Sunset. Have yet to use it, but periodically take it out and touch it, now that I’ve managed to turn it into a ball). So now that I’ve finished the Citron I spoke of previously (need to block before I can get pictures), I pulled out the other skein of Malabrigo Lace I stashed away.

Have you ever wound a skein of lace-weight merino wool over your knees, the old fashioned way? I do it a lot, and it usually results in several lost yards because at some point I give up because it’s too tangled. The idea of spending hours with this skein was enough for me to try the swift again.

Side note: swifts make yarn cakes. Not balls. Cakes. As if I don’t love yarn enough.

My father came in while I was taking this picture, and told me I wasn’t being selective enough about my backgrounds. My background selection was really just the result of my keyboard being the only surface that I didn’t have to clear off before taking a picture of it. But after that, I became much more selective of the backgrounds for yarn cake.

In a pile of old cds.


In a clearance mug from Crate and Barrel, next to a sparkly horse snow globe that plays, if I remember correctly, "Memories."

In a different mug, this time featuring dirty words by Shakespeare (thanks Colin!)

Next to some 1920s rubber ducks. Everything in the '20s was black and white. Obviously.

If background selectivity is any indicator, I am getting MIGHTY good at picture taking, yes sir.


In Which I Knit Something for Real

As promised, I really did finish something:

Wool gloves in August. My neighbors probably think I'm nuts.

These are another pair of my Mrs. Buchanan Gloves, made for my friend’s sister.  Initially, they were promised to him back in March, but then other projects (like college, etc.) kept getting in the way, and next thing I knew, it was July and they were still sitting around waiting to be sent out.  So, sorry Jeremy and Anna.  Usually I’m better at being a functioning human being.  I don’t know what happened this time.

I made these with longer wrists than I wrote in the pattern, which was unintentional.  My measuring skills apparently leave something to be desired.  But because I didn’t have to swatch for this pair (same yarn, same needles, ideally same gauge), they only used up one skein of Palette yarn (which comes in 100 different colors!).

I love buttons. And coffee mugs. But this is about buttons.

It’s about to get all shameless self-promotion up in here, but it’ll be brief, and also it’s my blog so it’s allowed.  The Mrs. Buchanan Gloves pattern is available from Knit Picks for just $1.99, and they knit up quickly, so they’re great to make for gifts (because it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday knitting!).  The pattern will work with any solid colored fingering weight yarn, but I recommend Palette yarn, which you can order at the same time you order the pattern.  Not to mention, it’s only $1.99 a ball.  The pattern calls for 2 balls, but it appears, according to this pair, that if you have small hands and unravel your swatch, it can be done with just one.

Happy Friday everyone!