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In Which You May Pick Your Poison

As I mentioned earlier, I started a new blog about planning a wedding on a strict $5000 budget. If you’re interested, it’s here.

If you’re not interested, here’s a picture I drew of two cats in a supermarket:


In Which the Proposal is Detailed

My mother was concerned about my lack of blogging, and how I only blog about knitting anymore. My only defense was how, during the school year, the only things I do are work and go to school and knit, so when I have the chance, I blog about the most interesting of those things (shut up). And now that school is over, I mostly just work and knit and sew and watch reruns of The Office with my mom (shut up).

But then it occurred to me that that has been my excuse for not blogging for so long that it’s really not true anymore. I’m doing a lot of things now. I got a full-time job for the summer in the office I’ve been in for two years, but I’m moving out of my back office table to the front desk, so hilarity is bound to ensue. And… well… I suppose that’s it.

Except that I got engaged.

Copyright Josephine Cardin Photography

I promise this WILL NOT turn into a wedding blog. It’s always frustrating when a blog turns in to something it wasn’t supposed to be, so I will be starting a separate blog about planning a wedding on a budget. There are 7 bajillion blogs about weddings on a budget (I counted), but those budgets are usually set at $5000, or $10,000, and even then at the end it’s sometimes, “We actually spent $27,000. Oops!” But I have student loans. So my budget is about 30 cents. Hilarity will ensue.

But I also hate it when bloggers make big life announcements, then don’t follow up, because I also really love proposal stories. Shut up. I’m a girl.

So without further ado,

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Dan and I met in a book publishing class. He sat across from me, and I caught him staring at me. About every five minutes. After a brief conversation after class one night, when he asked me about knitting (which in turn led me to believe he might be gay. Shut up. I got to an arts school, and Dan’s the first available straight boy I’ve met in three years), he invited me to watch a movie with him and a friend. Two weeks later we were dating, two weeks after that we were in love, and within two months we knew we were It. There was never one moment when it felt too fast. We didn’t think that other people would see it that way, though, so instead of getting officially engaged then, we waited a few months so that people would take it better, and because Dan wanted to have the time to plan an actual proposal. We just told our parents and closest friends (and sometimes people we only kind of knew. And nurses in doctors’ offices. And people we passed by. Shut up. It was exciting).

Dan told me he had a big night planned for April 26, and I should get a fancy dress. I assumed the proposal would happen then, which is why I didn’t see it coming when, on April 8, we went for a walk towards downtown Boston, and on the corner of Avery and Washington Streets, he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. He started talking about God, and how He brought us to each other, and about other things that I just can’t remember because in the middle of his speech I noticed his best friend with a video camera, and I knew this was it.

Then he asked, and I said yes, and passerbys stared and congratulated us. A guy with a guitar came out with a girl, and they sang Samson, by Regina Spektor, which was the song Dan was listening to when he realized he was in love with me, which I listened to with him when we first started dating. And because I knew we were getting engaged, and assumed it was at the end of April, I ordered an engagement ring for him as well. It came in the day before he proposed, and I planned to carry it with me wherever we went in case it happened before I thought it would. The fact that I had it that day was just lucky!

The video, for anyone interested, is here:

My boss’s wife did our engagement photos, and she’s an absolute genius. Please keep in mind that neither Dan nor I like having our pictures taken, but she made both of us feel so comfortable that it was just a fun Sunday morning outside. Her name is Josephine Cardin, and if you’re in the Boston area, you should really check her out for all of your picture needs! More of her stuff is at

Copyright Josephine Cardin Photography

Copyright Josephine Cardin Photography

I have never, ever, been this happy about anything. I love him with all my heart, and marrying him next year is the most natural thing in the world.
Now back to your regularly scheduled crafting.

P.S. I encourage everyone to Google “Corner of Avery and Washington.” That Flickr photo is where we got engaged, over 50 years after that picture was taken. 🙂