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In Which I Realize Too Late that My Picture for Documentation Purposes is a Failure

This week is Read-House-of-Seven-Gables-Until-My-Eyeballs-Fall-Out Week.  Yay!!!  I wish I had thought to make celebratory t-shirts.  I was all set to start reading, by which I mean get in bed with the book and hope I didn’t get distracted by anything (read: everything), when I decided to make tea.  And I don’t even really like tea, which is how hard I was looking for things to do that weren’t reading.  Then I realized that my clearance jaguar coffee mug from Urban Outfitters TOTALLY matched my clearance tank top from Old Navy (which does not have a jaguar, but you know, same colors.  Shut up.  I’m bad at being a girl).

At which point the evening went downhill.  Because I was so excited by not only my reduced price shopping skills, but also my matching abilities, that I had to take a crack-ass web cam picture to document said skills.

Are you as excited as I am?!?! No? Then you must not have to read Hawthorne.

I just realized how little of my shirt is actually in this picture.  Whatever.  Read previous post to learn about my poor photography skills.

I bought the shirt because it matches a cardigan I already have, so you can just imagine my excitement when I found it also matched my mug.

Then I started playing with the effects on Photobooth, which I should have recognized as a poor use of time because it doesn’t even document the colors.  Which is, you know, the entire point.

Then I realized that if I didn’t start reading soon, I would fail college.  So I had to quit taking pictures of my mug.  Which made me feel like this:

**Disclaimer: I promise I’m actually smart.

**Disclaimer for my parents: There was no tea in the cup at the time I took this picture.  Therefore, no spilling for which there is no warranty could have occurred.  Also, both shirt and mug were inexpensive and will in no way impede my ability to pay for college next year.