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In Which I’m a Day Late to Thanksgiving, But That’s Par for the Course

Things I am thankful for:

1. Coffee mugs.  If ever I have two that match, I will be upset.

2. Jeans that are too big.

3. Red lipstick that doesn’t make me look like a whore.

4. Guilt-free Christmas music listening now that Thanksgiving is over.

5. Friends who don’t mind that my Christmas knitting will most definitely not be done in time for Christmas.  (Did I mention that, guys?  No?  I’m glad you’re so understanding.)

6. A boss who burns me Yeah Yeah Yeahs cds, and always lets me look at pictures of his baby.

7. My mom, who doesn’t mind that sometimes my face looks like this:


8. My dad, who wears the hand-knit hat that would have been an orphan, even though he prefers polar fleece.

9. My brother, even if he doesn’t appreciate when I say things like, “Don’t walk too close to me.  I don’t want you ruining my chances with the men in Target in case they think you’re my boyfriend.”

Get it??? Because we look similar, so no one thinks that! Ha!

10. And most recently, I’m thankful for a boy who has kept me laughing until it hurts for each of the last 30 days.

11. And finally, I thankful my father has a camera, and agreed to take pictures of knitwear tomorrow, so I can finally show you what I’ve been working on.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!