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In Which My Love of Lists Finally Comes to Light

1. I don’t know if I have the brain capacity to write in paragraphs.

2. I don’t know why that is. Probably because it is Thursday, and I am sleepy, and thinking about waking up early again tomorrow is making me even sleepier. I’m a wuss.

3. So I will write this list.

4. Dirty Little Secret: I like when the train is late. My train to work is already an hour and a half on a good day, and ever since I started knitting socks a few weeks ago, that hasn’t felt like enough time. It’s kind of sick.

5. Today the train was stuck behind a disabled train for half an hour. We were told it would only be a ten minute delay, but such is life, and I was pleased. Everyone should knit. Everyone would be much more patient.

6. In what universe am I the kind of knitter whose heart melts while working on a basic sock? A man sock, no less. Granted, it is self-patterning yarn. That’s delightful. But still. I swore off socks when I started knitting. Stockinette bored me to tears. But now I find myself on the verge of joyful tears after a stretch of particularly well-executed stockinette. I don’t recognize myself anymore.

7. If you read my old blog, you might remember how I got half way through a Beaded Cami (minus the beads) before I realized that it would fit a line backer better than me. I frogged it and the Rowan Cotton Glace spent a few years in my knitting basket, ready for its second try. I finally got around to trying again, this time doing a better job of swatching, and also knitting it flat like the pattern says because somehow I think converting it to circulars was where I went wrong. It shouldn’t have been, but alas, I had only been knitting for a year or so at that point (I know, that’s not that short. Shut up.) It’s stockinette, just like the socks, but somehow it’s not as interesting. Whatever. I’ll just have to keep plugging at it. If nothing else it will be a good back-to-basics projects, because my finishing skills can, admittedly, use some work.

The abandoned Cotton Glace

8. I’m on my second cup of coffee today, something I haven’t done in weeks. So my heart’s beating kind of fast, and I apologize if this makes no kind of sense.