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In Which I Colored a Picture. Click to Enlarge

Inexplicably, I hate taking and uploading pictures to my computer.  It’s shouldn’t be that difficult, but whenever I have to, I find a thousand other things to do instead.  For example, while I should be taking and uploading pictures of the pair of gloves I knit, so they can be sent off to their recipient in Minnesota (because, from what I hear about the Mid-West from my Wisconsian roommate, she’ll be needing them sooner than later), I decided to use my time to try to understand the different purposes of Adobe inDesign and Illustrator.  The verdict is that I still don’t know, but I did draw a lumpy picture of a cat:

Still a cat

Feel free to use this picture as your desktop wallpaper. I would if I were you. It's probably a good conversation starter.

As you can probably tell, I have no idea how color works on Illustrator, and I feel lucky that even parts of the cat are colored in.  Oh, and that’s a sun.  Because it’s a nice day.  Obviously.