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Hope to see you there!


In Which…

I have a lot of knitting related things to tell you about, but first I have to get this post out of the way. I want to explain my absence here over the past several months.

I found out recently that I have Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I have a long post written with all of the details, but I realized that’s more for me than the world. Maybe someday when it’s not so new, I’ll publish that post. But for now, I just want to make it known. It’s been taking up a lot of my energies, so I know it’s going to come up in my blog posts, and I’m thinking about getting into podcasting, and I know it will have to come out there. I don’t want it to be a surprise then, or something that’s just slipped in. I don’t want to keep this a secret, because it feels wrong not to be honest about it. And ignoring it here would be dishonest. So there it is. Nothing is different because I’ve had both of these things since I was eight. Now they just have a name, and they’re being helped.

I made a cabled afghan in the absence as well. Get ready for that in the next post!

In Which I Am Still Alive, Just Hibernating

Conversation with my brother after my mother announced her new diet:

Andrew: But this is the season to be a glutton and drink.
Me: Just like Jesus wanted.
Andrew: Hey! He turned the water into the wine!

I hope everyone who celebrates it is having a great Thanksgiving, and a great first day of the Christmas season (in my book anyway)! I’m thankful for my fabulous family and friends, my wonderful fiance, my new grown-up job, and for getting through the last few months in one piece. I’m celebrating by knitting an Etta out of Malabrigo Worsted in Alpine Pearl that Dan gave me for my birthday a few months ago. He gets it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

In Which I Have a Knitting Identity Crisis

Okay. Well. Since last we spoke, there were… events. And now I knit socks.

“So what?” you say.

I have NEVER had a single desire to knit a sock. Feet are gross. Socks go on feet. There’s a mathematical concept that says that if feet are gross, and socks are for feet, then socks are also gross, but I don’t remember the name of that concept because I’m just an English major. I digress.

I spent time writing about why I would never knit socks. I pretended not to think sock yarn was the most beautiful of all the yarns (aside from Malabrigo, of course). I thought I liked coming up with alternative projects for sock yarn when the yarn was just too beautiful to pretend.

Then the events happened.


Event #1, Or Where It All Started

I just moved out of my dorm, where I had drawer full of yarn. I also had clothes that wouldn’t fit in the my dresser, but since my priorities are in order, one whole drawer was just for yarn. All of that came home with me, and when added to the yarn I had at home, became problematic.

I’m not a stasher, per say. Not like some people are. I only buy yarn when I know what I’m going to do with it (mostly), and when I don’t know, I only buy one skein. I don’t hoard sweaters worth of wool. It would be the most fun ever if I did, but I just don’t have the space or the resources. College. Wedding. You know.

So now I’m on a yarn diet. I have enough yarn to keep me entertained for several months, mostly worsted weight (read: not sock yarn). But then the next event happened.


Event #2, Or Where the Real Problems Start:

At fiance’s house. Fiance is getting ready to drive me home. Stops to download a boxing podcast. Not working. Suggest fiance listens to knitting podcast. Chuckles all around. But wait. Knitting podcasts are a thing. I knit. I have an iPod, filled with music I’m totally sick of due to large amounts of commuting time. Perhaps…

(I know I’m 10 years behind on the idea of podcasting. That’s not the story here.)

Go on Ravelry. Find group about podcasting. Knitters like the Knitmore Girls podcast. Take a listen. They’re going on hiatus for the summer, right as I’m getting into it. Story of my life. But they are spunky, so decide to listen to from beginning, back in 2008. Two podcasts in, don’t remember what I did without Gigi and Jasmine in my life.

The Knitmore Girls knit a lot of socks. Talk about socks a lot. 90% of the time, maybe. Make it sound real nice. Make yarn seem even better than I pretended it wasn’t. Make having a stash of sock yarn seem like a good idea. Never leave without a sock in your purse, they say. I have a purse. Why is there no sock in my purse? Is this brain washing? It happened so fast.

Next thing I know, in frantic search through my stash for any fingering weight yarn that could go on feet. Lots of KnitPicks Palette. Won’t do. Doesn’t make my heart sing. Knitmore Girls say heart should sing. Find leftover Malabrigo Sock yarn. Pull out scale. 50g. Knitmore Girls say 100g needed. Ravelry!

Find pattern. Start sock. Finish sock. Put sock on. Will never stop knitting socks.


The sock is too big, and that’s my own fault. I didn’t use the right yarn the pattern called for, I didn’t use the needles it called for, and then, to top it off, I didn’t swatch. I was in such a desperate hurry to make something that resembled a sock, fit didn’t matter. And that’s fine. This was a practice pair. A stash-buster. I can wear them as slippers around the house like an old woman, because they are the comfiest! So soft and squishy.

So now the new summer goal is to use up as much of my stash as humanly possible so I can knit more socks later.

In Which I Give You Yet Another Website to Spend Your Time On

Anyone looking for a new time suck? As of this week, about 90% of my time has been spent on Pinterest. I joined on a whim, because I like the idea of inspiration boards, and everything you love being all in one place. But OH MY GOODNESS, it is endlessly inspiring. I think I picked up about 16 new crafts in the first day, which is even more than that time I went on Craftster by mistake.

Anyway, this is a boring thing to blog about, but the reason I’m doing it is: a) if you are already on Pinterest, I am here; b) if you are not on Pinterest, and would like to be, I seem to have 5 invites, and if you want one, it is yours. Provided you are not person number 6 or 7 or 8 or 9, or whatever.

Proceed with caution.

In Which Nothing Has Ever Been Better

Oh, hey guess what?


More to come.

In Which There is Shame in the Delay

Hey guys! I have a whole lot of super fantastic things going on that I can’t blog about just yet. Soon. I hope.

Until then, I found a whole bunch of knitwear that I made first semester, and forgot to blog about until now. So I made some web cam art, and waited for WordPress to get over it’s little freak out so I could show them off. LUCKY YOU!

First up:

Please ignore the awesome red mark on my nose. My glasses cut my face. Shit happens.

Sometimes the back of your head just looks better than the front. I gave up on make up pretty much as soon as I found a man. Lucky him!

Pattern: Selbu Modern Beret
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette

Verdict: I started making it in early October, mostly in my publishing class, where the 15 minute break the professor gave us in the middle made up most of my free time for the week. That turned out to be the greatest class I ever took, so I really only have good memories of this hat.

Fun Fact: I never wore it. No explanation as to why, I just apparently boycotted hats this winter. Like I’m six or something and don’t understand cold weather gear. Whatever. I only got sixteen colds and one case of strep all winter, so no harm, no foul.


I'm a fish. Obviously.

Pattern: Susie’s Reading Mitts (OMJeepers! That’s my name!  Sort of. I promise I’m smart.)
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted (Only yarn worth working with. People who disagree are wrong. They’re entitled to their opinions, as long as they know said opinions are wrong.)

Verdict: So good! I wear them in place of real gloves and mittens for the most part, because the Malabrigo is so cozy my hands stay warm enough without needing fingers. I decided not to fold down the top and bottom sections as the pattern says to, so they don’t look as lacy as they’re supposed to. But I knew I would mess them up if I tried to hem something precarious like that.

And finally:

It's suprisingly hard to get a picture that shows off the knitwear while also not making you look like a man. Pretty sure this picture doesn't accomplish that. But there's only so much I can do. STOP CHIDING ME!

Pattern: Le Slouch (Pattern is no longer available)
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted

Okay. This is an embarrassing one to post. I made this two years ago, and wore it all the time. Not this year, because of my surprise aversion to being warm, but before that I wore it all the time. I just never got around to writing about it, or taking a picture of it. I’ve certainly had time. I have no excuse. Just shame.

The shame is driving me to bite my nails. Should stop. Have to get my fingers looking pretty.


In Which I Wish I Hadn’t Accepted the Challenge

I’m not going to say FOR SURE that I’ve lost the feeling in my hands.  Or my mind.  Or that I blew through about ten band-aids trying to rig a finger pillow, after the pad of my finger started to split and bruise along one of the lines of my finger print (I know, right???).  Or that I just misspelled Baid-Aid on the first try, or that I accidentally typed “fillow” instead of finger pillow.  I’m just going to say that all of these things are likely.

It Which I Can’t Promise This Will Be the Last Post Like This

You guys, weaves take forever.

Hard week for both of us. I have finals, she has a crochet hook perpetually penetrating her scalp.

You’re going to have to forgive the web cam pictures.  It’s finals week, and therefore one of the few fun things I have left.


Guys, you won’t even believe this. Midterms are over. And I have three knitting projects to show you. And I’m working on a fair isle project for the first time. And I have a FREE PATTERN to post. FREE! And everything is so, so good right now!

More to come.

P.S. I’ve been told by a certain Wisconsinite that my last post was not funny enough. If she wasn’t one of my favorite people, I’d kick her ass. I’m not going apologize for not being funny, but I will offer you this picture of a cat looking up a lady’s dress.

Soldier’s goodbye & Bobbie the cat, ca. 1939-ca. 1945 / by Sam Hood

Originally uploaded by State Library of New South Wales collection