In Which I Limit the Colors Available to Brunettes

I have this idea, that probably stems from reading Seventeen magazine for too many years, that green is a color that looks better on blondes.  I am very much not blond.  And yet, somehow, a recent trip to my yarn lady resulted in my possessing a green skein of Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace. 

Oh.  Okay.

My mother’s best friend, who happens to be blond, came up from Florida this month to visit.  I jumped on the opportunity and made this within a matter of a week:

I am well aware of the awfulness that is this picture.  I finished it with 10 minutes to spare before I gifted it, no one to take a picture, and zero self-timer skills.

I am well aware of the awfulness that is this picture. I finished it with 10 minutes to spare before I gifted it, no one to take a picture, and zero self-timer skills.

Pattern: Flit ‘n Float by Birdy Evans
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace
Mods: None
Final Thoughts: The yarn is ridiculously soft.  As for the pattern, it’s nice, but I wouldn’t like it for me personally.  My mother’s friend, however, was very enthusiastic about it, which is really all that counts.


It went extremely quickly for a lace scarf, but this might have something to do with the fact that my time was limited so I made an effort to fly through it.  Going so fast, though, meant that by the time I was done with it, my wrist was sore and making a pretty impressive popping sound.  I decided to take a week off from knitting.  Um… whoops!

I spent the time that I would have been knitting looking at patterns online, wishing I was making them.  During this time I discovered Craftster.

Here’s the thing about Craftster: I’ve always known that it exists, but I made careful and deliberate efforts to avoid it because I knew that I would pick up about twelve new crafts that I didn’t need.  Yet somehow, there I was, ogling Tree of Life pendants.  Seriously.  Stay away from Craftster unless you’re sufficiently prepared.

By the time I forced myself to quit, I had serious ambitions to start: a) sewing; b) jewelry making; c) mosaic table making (I’m serious.  I can’t stop thinking about them).

Sewing can’t happen right now.  I don’t have the time to learn, and I definitely don’t have the money.  Mosaic tables are, obviously, not going to happen either.  But jewelry making is something I figured I could do.  I read about beading and wire wrapping online, then decided to try it.

It’s seriously overwhelming.  There’s so much stuff to look at and think about.  But maybe that’s how I felt about knitting when I first started, and now I can’t imagine not knitting.  So I waited until Michael’s had a summer madness sale, brought my coupon, and spent a decent amount of time staring at all of the materials, trying to make heads or tails of it all. 

Once I thought I had it figured out, I brought it all home and practiced making simple loops with eye pins.  Not as easy as it looks, as it turns out.  After some pretty sorry looking loops, I finally figured out how to move my wrist, and my loops were of a satisfactory quality.

Then I made this:

Screw this place, I'm bouncing.

Screw this place, I'm bouncing.


Super fun spirals!

Super fun spirals!


The toggle might be my favorite part, even though I didn't make it.

The toggle might be my favorite part, even though I didn't make it.

 It’s based on this bracelet.

The thing I loved the most about it is that I only took me a few hours.  So different from knitting, which is great for a change of pace.  Ultimately though, the lesson I learned is to stay far far away from Craftster.


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  1. Actually, I usually feel that greens, especially darker/less saturated greens like that one usually look best on brunettes. But maybe fear of green is just something all hair colors possess!
    Also, just an FYI, your crafster link doesn’t work. That happens in wordpress when you neglect to put an http://www. in front of your url. It automatically puts your blog url in front, and everything gets weird. Good luck with your beading! I’ll stay far away from crafster until the weekend because of your warning. Thanks!

  2. The scarf is very pretty. I might make one. And the bracelet is pretty, too.

    My mom and I went to a summer Michaels sale, too. It was 25% off your purchase between 9 AM and 11 AM, I think, and I only got one skein of yarn ;P But my mom got a bunch of beads and findings to make stitch markers.

  3. Popping in from the blog comment train on Ravelry 🙂 I have the same problem with Craftster, eeek. Love the scarf and the bracelet!

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